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Default Re: Open Battle: Niall vs Lord Khajmer


[Cairo] Riolu (M)
HP: 95%
Energy: 12%
Condition: Worried that he wonít last the whole battle. (-1 DEF)
Chill ~ Ice Punch

Lord Khajmer

[Axeface] Axew (M)
HP: 57%
Energy: 44%
Condition: Time to bring it around. (+3 ATK, +1 SPDEF)
Endeavor ~ Counter


Cairo didnít waste time. He flopped backwards onto the stone floor of the cave, his arms pounding down beside him. He closed his eyes, shutting out the green glow of the crystals all around him. He could feel, very slowly, some of the strength and stamina he had lost returning to him. The stinging in his paws seemed to fade, and the heat that had been pressing on him for a while dissipated. For a few more seconds Cairo lay there, basking in the glory of doing nothing as his fatigue began to melt away.

Axeface was not impressed. He bared his little teeth at Cairo, then crouched, tensing his muscles. He then lunged, running forward as fast as his short legs could take him. A white glow surrounded his claws, and he prepared to grip Cairo for a highly painful blow.

Cairo looked up. He saw Axeface running toward him with a highly determined look, and his red eyes grew huge with fear and surprise; his tail bushed up like a Persianís. However, his opponent was already practically on top of him, gripping him by the shoulders. Cairo gave a yelp of surprise, and Axeface grinned. With a growl the Axew tossed Cairo backwards, throwing the Riolu at the cave wall, using the pain from his wounds as fuel for the attack. Cairo howled in pain as he hit the stone, then rolled onto the floor with a whine.

Slowly Cairo Ė tired beyond belief and now in just as much pain as Axeface Ė managed to stand. He glared at Axeface, then put back his blue ears and balled up his fist. He focused his thoughts on ice: glaciers, snow, mountains, winter. He focused the energy into his paw and opened his eyes, expecting to see icicles coming off of his fist.

What he saw instead was a vague, frosty mist around his paw. He blinked in confusion, wondering what was wrong. Hadnít there been a man once who had taught his kind that move?

Axeface was both confused and relieved. He didnít have to deal with the pain of an Ice Punch, meaning that there was nothing for him to Counter and nothing for him to strike Cairo with. Therefore, he only had to wait and giggle at the outrage on Cairoís face.



[Cairo] Riolu (M)
HP: 57%
Energy: 11%
Condition: In a word? Ticked. (-1 DEF)

Lord Khajmer

[Axeface] Axew (M)
HP: 57%
Energy: 33%
Condition: Laughing at his foe. (+3 ATK, +1 SPDEF)


Cairo: (Chill: +6 Energy; Endeavor: -38% HP; Ice Punch (fail): -7% Energy)
Axeface: (Endeavor: -11% Energy)
Riolu cannot learn Ice Punch in Generation V.
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