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Originally Posted by TitaniumAnimations View Post
Yes, I will admit the radicals have a home-turf advantage, but that is besides the point. If small groups of insurgents can give a hard time for them, and throwing masses of troops at them (Vietnam), than I am pretty sure someone could attack and win over the U.S. It is just the only country actually willing to do something like that, would also be losing an asset and economical balance in the world... wonder which that is...
Originally Posted by TitaniumAnimations View Post
Hay, keep it friendly please.

China would attack America if it weren't for their heavy economic ties. All America would have to do is yank their factories out of their country, and there goes its money, currently.

If America was truly as powerful martially as people say they are, why are small groups of insurgents giving them so much trouble? I understand that it is mainly because of politics, but the military can take care of it if they are so all-mighty.

Also, the idea that Libya would tear into two nations, I doubt it. Ghadafi will be ousted or will win, either one. And considering it is Ghadafi and his army against modern naval attacks and air strikes, I do not think a win will happen. Libya will be free, or the Libyan people will die trying. (I know a Libyan exchange student).
Yeeeeah, Painkiller's right, you have no clue about international politics, warfare, or the state of international relations. China would not attack us not because of economic ties, but because they would lose. We would instantly call our debt to them null, use all the money we would save on deficit payment (which would be a lot) bolstering our army, pull out troops from the Middle East because defending our country is more important (sorry Afghanistan), and forcibly shove them out using one of the best military forces in the world. Then the war would be called off due to the fact that both sides know they can't get into each others borders easily and MAD would prevent the use of nuclear weapons, China would be booted off the UN Security Council for trying to start World War III, they would lose most of the economic growth they've had due to, yes, American investors pulling out as well as losing all of the money we owed them, their people would be pissed for pulling them into such a war, and overall they would gain nothing as opposed to America, who would gain a hell of a lot just by the massive reduction to our deficit.

Meanwhile, the reason we're having problems dealing with the insurgents is because unlike a legitimate war between two countries, we're fighting in a haystack, and they're the needle. It's exactly the same as in Vietnam, although in this case it's more the use of human shields and Assassin's Creed style blending in with the ordinary people rather than jungle guerrilla warfare. Same principle though, we're dealing with a fairly small, difficult to find group with an advantage over us in the environment (in Nam it was having lived in the country and therefore knowing the jungles much better, in this case it's not giving a damn about civilian casualties). Our military is excellent, but we're not in a legitimate war.
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