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Default Re: Negima Chronicles *Released* (PG13)

The surprise that Seth revealed was stunning. The very fact he has some tie to a magic person was very exciting for both Asuna and Negi. However, despite their excitement, they could not let anyone know. So after Seth left for the night, they discussed what they needed to do about the current situation.

"Well, Evangeline is apparently hiding something, and Seth may know a sorcerer and not know it," summarized Asuna.

"Precisely, however I am not worried about any of it. I am confident that I can take care of it myself. Tomorrow is another day, and worrying about it will not solve anything," he said wisely as he yawned. He climbed up the ladder to his bed and snuggled into his bed. Asuna did the same as well, getting into a comfortable position.

"Goodnight Negi."

"Goodnight Asuna."

It seemed not even five minutes passed when Asuna's alarm went off. It was now bright outside, showing a beautiful upcoming sky. Negi was, not surprisingly, in Asuna's bed again. Asuna simply slipped out, this time not even waking Negi. She slipped out to deliver her papers. After the door closed, Negi opened one eye, "Thank you Asuna," he said, referring to the fact she put forth the effort not to wake him. He crawled out of the top bunk and got dressed into his teaching suit. He went and picked up breakfast in the nearly empty cafeteria, still being early in the morning. Only a few girls from other classes there, none of which Negi really knew. He was surprised how well he had taken so much of this news. Seth had a magical card, Evangeline might be a vampire or sorcerer.

When class started, two hours later, everyone was there. All the students crowded around Makie, still talking about what had happened. The story had been told by Makie over and over again, only each time certain aspects were increased in proportions. The same way a fisherman would jump from catching a simple mackerel to an entire whale in just a few weeks, only now two days had passed. Once the story had been escalated in key areas of the story and overly exaggerated, the class began. "Today, I would like you to perform English speaking exercises. Simply greet yourselves and strike up a conversation using the vocabulary that you have learned," he said. After the students had started, Negi sat back down on his own desk and put his head in his hand.

So much went on in his mind at that moment. Evangeline might be a sorcerer, Seth might know one as well, and now he had his pet pressuring him to find a partner. All of these thoughts kept flying by in his head as he conjured up ways to deal with these new situations. But as his thoughts ran through his head, he was disrupted by a British accent, one that he hardly ever heard.

"Negi, even a little teacher as yourself should know not to day dream in class."

Negi looked up to see Evangeline leaning slyly on her elbow on her desk. All the girls turned in utter surprise.

"Evangeline spoke?"

"Wow, never heard that before!"

"Amazing, she speaks English pretty well!"

Negi apologized for falling into such a deep train of thought, "Yes, I am sorry class. I just have a lot on my mind at the moment," but as he said this, the very fact that Evangeline spoke so daringly showed that she was confident about something.


After classes, the students went to lunch. Negi and Asuna sat side-by-side across from Seth. "Why'd you let her boss you around like that?" asked Asuna.

"I don't know, but I definitely do not feel right."

"Well, if you are losing your appetite, could you pass over those- Yeow!" Seth was cut off by a sudden slap and his own scream of pain. Asuna popped his grabbing hand with her spoon.

"Stop grabbing at another persons food!" she ordered. Seth listened and sat back in his seat. Under his breath be muttered several insults towards her, but she was to fixated on Negi and his thoughts. "Well? What are you going to do?" asked Asuna. Seth was unaware what they were talking about, and simply went back to eating his own food, and while Asuna's attention was averted, snatching some of Negi's food as well.

"Hold on Asuna, I will be right back," he replied. Negi approached the larger table that everyone sat at for dinner, standing there silently until all the girls faced him. "Everyone! Is anyone going anywhere tonight? Is everyone here?"

"Everyone is here!" replied Ayaka. Everyone thought for several moments, agreeing with Ayaka. However, Makie said something that troubled Negi, "Actually, I heard that Nodoka is going to Library Island since we get these upcoming four days off," she replied. Makie was right, the school did have an upcoming long weekend, and Nodoka did go to Library Island during her free time. Upon hearing this, Negi swirled right back his table.

"Oh, Nodoka is going to Library Island later tonight. We have to keep our ears open," said Negi. Asuna listened and acknowledged the order, but Seth was still puzzled.

"What exactly are we doing?" asked Seth. "I am a good at hearing things, but just what am I supposed to be listening for?"

Asuna moved her head so while her head was in her hand, she faced Seth, "It is your keen attention to detail that impresses me most," she said sarcastically.

Seth, unaware of the sarcasm, thanked her for the comment and went back to eating. Negi smiled, but left both Asuna and Seth alone. Before too long, Asuna left to find Negi. She found him in his dorm, thinking to himself and to Como. "Como, ever since you tried to get me and Nodoka together, the other girls have constantly been finding ways to get with me."

"I would personally take that as a compliment," he laughed as he lit a cigarette.

"Yeah, of course you would," Asuna commented on the way into the room. Konoka was out of the room, so it was alright to engage in conversation with the ermine. As the ermine lit his cigarette, he found himself soon lighting air. Asuna had taken the cigarette and blew it out.

"No smoking in here, you living hat," she said angrily. Como, instead of showing fear like the average person would, he simply laughed out loud which caused Asuna's anger to shoot off the ratings. It was impressive to see her that angry at that moment. It was also very comedic for Negi, which helped ease some of the tension about the suspected vampire, Evangeline.

However, another thing now had a firm grasp on the trio's attention. How did Seth obtain a magical partner card like that? It was strange. He couldn't have been able to even see one unless he knew a wizard before he met Negi. This suggested a possible magic background. "So what exactly is this card?" asked Asuna.

Como hopped up on her shoulder and answered, "The cards hold a specific ability, and whenever the contract is activated, they gain that ability. Only a permanent contract can be activated as such, so someone with a probationary contract would only gain a slight boost in strength and perhaps agility."


"Yes," Negi joined in. "And that card that Seth has. All he has to do is mutter the Latin spell inscribed on it, and he will turn into a fighter by himself."

"Which is a troubling matter, since Seth doesn't even know what it does. He thought it was a rare collector's card the last time we talked to him," Como almost laughed. Asuna now learned these facts about partnerships.

"Partners, or fighters when spoken of in combat, stick around with the mage, and you know that," reviewed Como, Asuna nodded in recognition, "Well. Since Seth has that card, that means he is a permanent partner of someone. This means that he can turn into that cool fighter on the card, if he said it. But we cannot let him know about magic. It is too risky."


Nodoka walked on the sidewalk directly outside the campus of the school. It was dark, and a little cloudy. The street lights were on, not that they really served a purpose, since nobody walked outside during the night on campus. So, despite her frightful feelings and knowledge of the rumors, she proceeded down the route. As she stepped down the street, the wind started to gust. Nodoka's hair shook and blew so her eyes could be seen. As she looked up to see if any rain was approaching, a figure could be seen perched on a lamppost. Nodoka jumped back and yelled in fear.

"It is alright. I just need some of your blood..." the figure proclaimed, smiling and sneering so its fangs could be spotted. The figure leaped off the lamppost and lunged at its victim. Nodoka let out a loud scream, and ran backwards. Negi arrived in a flash. He had his staff in his right hand, he was in a concentrated stance.

"I will not let you harm my student!" he yelled. As he said this, the vampire let out a shrill shriek and fired a blast of magical power. It blew Nodoka over, ripping the buttons from her shirt and blowing her hair around. She fell, fortunately to be caught by Asuna. Asuna looked up at Negi, surprised and slightly angry.

"What? What did you do to her!?" yelled Asuna.

"Negi's the vampire?" asked Konoka, appearing next to Asuna. Negi looked at both of them for a second, and then turned to where the assailant was.

"No it was-" he stopped in mid sentence to see the vampire had taken flight. The large near-full moon glistened down on Negi's glasses as he looked down the path. He then turned to Asuna, determined look on his face, "I will be back! Get Nodoka to safety!" He took off at lightning speeds, using magic to modify his pace.

"Wow, that little guy can move!" shouted Konoka.

Negi ran until he was out of sight. He then hopped onto his staff and took flight. He looked around for the vampire. The night sky, lit up by the moonlight left the vampire visible. Negi, slightly surprised to know the identity, yelled at her, "Evangeline! Stop this madness!" he yelled. Evangeline turned her head to see Negi, smiling a twisted smile as she did so.

"Using the wind is his suit, apparently," she muttered to herself as they both soared over the town and campus. Negi sent several gusts of wind in an attempt to throw Evangeline out of her flight. They all failed though. She was too powerful with the moonlight. In the very center of the town, a tower that belonged to a large church stabbed into the night sky. Evangeline seemed to inch closer and closer to it.

Negi sent several spells to prevent Evangeline from getting to the church, and sent his spell, "I summon the wind spirit, swords of a thousand brothers!"

Evangeline, in a hasty movement, through out several small vials with liquid in them. Negi was surprised to see that Evangeline was using potions instead of pure magic to defend herself against the spells. Negi continued with the barrage until Evangeline used all her potions, but it was too late. Evangeline landed on the roof of the church, Negi joining her also. The church they stood on was large. The tower was in the center of the building, two other wings of the church stuck out, one in the front and one on the other side of the tower. The moon shined on Evangeline, and to Negi's surprise, Chachamaru.

"Not you too Chachamaru!" Negi yelled out, perplexed.

"Ahaha! The first round is over, spellcaster!"

"Well, I suppose I will have to attack!" Negi tried to cast his spell, but something prevented him. A small flick on his noes prevented him from even summoning the strength and energy to send out his attack. He opened his eyes to see Chachamaru standing there, and every time Negi tried to send out an attack, some form of violence would be used to stop his magic.

"Now, I would like to taste your blood!" laughed Evangeline, and she started to approach Negi. As Negi tried to make a timely exit, Chachmaru grabbed him and wrapped him roughly in her arms so he could not move.

"I am sorry, master Springfield."

Negi yelled out and squirmed as Evangeline neared. But his prayers were answered when a shout and a swift kick landed in Evangeline's face. Chachamaru released Negi as she hopped over to Evangeline, "Mistress!"

Evangeline looked as if she were in tears, and if anyone knew better, she probably actually was in tears. "Oh, mah tone, oo mae meh bie mah tone!" she yelled in fierce anger.

"What did she say?" asked Asuna. Asuna! She rescued Negi from certain doom. Negi was thankful for that and expressed it as Asuna's question was answered by Chachamaru.

"She said, 'Ah, my tongue! You made me bite my tongue!'" she quoted.

Evangeline turned to Chachamaru, clutching her mouth and jaw, and scolded her for treating her like a baby. After the scolding, she turned to Asuna and Negi and yelled, "Oo hahen shee de laft of uth!" and they leaped off the old church simultaneously, small pieces of the shingles and tiles flaking off under their feet. Asuna turned to Negi and showed her gruff and ever-so shielded affection for him. The vampire was dealt with, for now.
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