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Default Re: Individual RP: Stinky


Ranger Chainy


Bob smiled, seemingly not worried, as Togekiss circled gently over us. "Togekiss, remember how that Sneasel dug a hole, and we used Flamethrower to root it out? Let's do the same with this Durant! Roost near the hole, then I want you to use Fire Blast into the hole. Don't make it strong enough to do tons of damage to Durant, just make it hot enough that Durant would become uncomfortable and be forced to get out of there!" Bob ordered.

Togekiss landed next to to the large hole the Durant had made. She took a deep breath, and exhaled in the direction of the hole. A bright red fireball lanced down into the tunnel. Togekiss stepped back quickly, knowing was was going to happen. As soon as she was about two metres away, a geyser of flames shot out of the hole. Nothing happened for about half a minute, and then I heard a frenzied scratching. Small pieces of dirt near a tree on the opposite side of the small clearing we were in began to fly into the air. Soon there was a veritable 45-degree-angled waterfall of dirt pouring upwards, and finally the Durant revealed itself.

It wasn't looking too good. It was visibly panting, and there were small dents and evidence of damage all over its steel armour. Worst hit was the rear part of the abdomen, the part biologists called the "gaster" - part of the armour there had actually melted, and I could tell by the way the Durant was carefully keeping it raised off the ground that it was still causing the ant Pokemon some distress.

Not enough distress to stop it from attacking, though. It shoved its large pincers into the ground in front of it, and two large rocks shot out of the ground in front of it towards the still land-bound Togekiss.


Current Battle Statistics:

Gentle Female Togekiss: 61% (used Fire Blast)

??? Male Durant: 72%, BRN (using Rock Tomb)


Trainer Statistics:

Name: Bob Miller
Location: Botanical Gardens
Area Effects: 10 Encounters Remaining, Ferroseed Voice Disk[ONE USED, INACTIVE], Durant Voice Disk[FOUR USED]
Pokemon Encountered: Bold Ferroseed(F), ??? Zigzagoon(?); ??? Exeggcute(?); ??? Vileplume(?); ??? Durant(M)
Pokemon Captured: Bold Ferroseed(F)
CC since last Encounter: 9409 / 25000

Pokemon Statistics:

Gentle Female Togekiss 91% (TM Flamethrower ; TM HP Grass ; TM Thunder Wave ; TM Shadow Ball ; TM Attract ; TM Water Pulse ; TM Protect ; TM Roost ; TM Shock Wave ; TM Psychic ; TM Grass Knot ; TM Double Team ; TM Substitute ; TM Psych Up ; TM Fire Blast ; TM Reflect ; TM Light Screen ; TM Toxic ; TM Sleep Talk ; TM Rest ; TM Swagger ; TM Defog ; HM Flash ; EM Nasty Plot ; EM Psycho Shift ; EM Heal Bell ; EM Tri-Attack ; EM Trick

Jolly Genderless Bronzong 100% (TM Trick Room; TM Charge Beam; TM Flash Cannon; TM HP Fighting ; TM Stealth Rock ; TM Protect ; TM Grass Knot ; TM Earthquake ; TM Explosion ; TM Calm Mind ; TM Shadow Ball ; TM Dream Eater ; TM Rock Slide ; TM Rest ; TM Sleep Talk ; TM Toxic ; TM Light Screen ; TM Reflect ; TM Rock Tomb ; TM Psych Up ; TM Psychic ; TM Rock Polish ; TM Substitute ; TM Solarbeam ; TM Return ; TM Double Team ; TM Sandstorm ; TM Skill Swap ; TM Swagger ; HM FlasH ; EM Trick ; EM Zen Headbutt ; EM Iron Head <Levitate Ability>)

Jolly Male Yanmega 100% (TM Roost ; TM HP Ice ; TM Shadow Ball ; TM Substitute ; TM Giga Drain ; TM Psychic ; TM Toxic ; TM Sleep Talk ; TM Attract ; TM Dream Eater ; TM Defog ; TM Flash; EM Whirlwind ; EM Reversal <Speed Boost Ability>)

Item Statistics:

Type Repellent x3
Hyper Ball x2
Park Ball x9
Hyper Repellant
Ferroseed Voice Disk x2
Durant Voice Disk

URPG Stats

Ranger Chapter | Referee Chapter | Grader Chapter
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