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Default Re: [IA] Rapture Rising

> Panic.
> When finished, feel around the walls for a light source or light switch.

This is Rapture Rising! You are currently playing as Aaron Hanson! You currently have a charity pamphlet, 25 pounds, a Hershey's bar, a bag of potato chips, and a tackle box in your Inventory! You are currently equipped with a Life Vest! You currently have a Melee Resistance of Slightly Tough! Your Tackle Box contains four large lures, six small lures, eight weights, and three hooks! Your Rest Level is Energized! Your Stomach Level is Full! Your Thirst Level is The Quenchiest! Your Injury Level is Newborn! Your Party consists of you and: Michael Norton! This is currently Round Five of your Rapture-related adventure!
Well, what's the first thing people in the movies do when the lights go out and the door slams shut?


They panic.

You and Norton panic, too. Norton commences screaming like a little girl, while you shout at him to shut the 'truck' up as a reaction and a way to vent. Within seconds the two of you are arguing over nothing like small children, screaming and freaking out at the absolute tops of your lungs. After a few exchanges though, you both pause for breath, and somehow the arguing doesn't start again.

You look around on instinct even though it's pitch black and doesn't do you a bit of good. You move toward the direction you came in from, your hands held out in front of you so that you don't bump into anything.

"What was that?" Norton whispers fearfully as your hands bump a wall. You are about to tell him it was you, but you stop.

Just as suddenly as the door shut, the lights flicker on.

You find that you are in a room lit with odd teal-blue lights mounted on walls that appear to be bronze or copper or some sort of like metal. Mounted above these two lights a face - sculpted out of gold - scowls down at you. Beneath it hangs a red banner; emblazoned on the banner are the words 'No gods or kings. Only Man.'

The rest of the room is rather featureless, except a square set of railing and what appears to be a staircase lost in shadow.

You swear softly in awe; the beauty of the room is practically flawless.

Twilight Zone indeed.
I laughed, I cried, I testified;
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