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Default Re: War Declared

If you have 10 soldiers against 1, who will win Khajmer, straight up fight? Unless the one soldier can pull an Equilibrium scene, or become The One, I doubt he can dodge them bullets no matter how well he is trained.

Actually Kaioo, the United States were in Iraq so long to guarantee the setting up of a stable democracy. They are currently in Afghanistan, attempting to do the same. Can't really say that it is a good thing, or that it is justified or beneficial, but whatever.

And yes, the U.S did admit defeat to Vietnam (ohh, they get a jungle! Awrseomeazzzz!), but you are right, it was not a purposeful fight. It does not matter though, if America could have won, they would have. America has lost a war, they are not perfect.

We will never know who would win if we pit China and America against each other, but I honestly believe China would pull through if it weren't for the political repercussions.
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