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Originally Posted by Lusankya View Post
I disagree, when British soldiers are eating out of the Presidential plates in the White House and are setting fire to the capital, I think it's fair to say that the US lost. Britain ended the war because it wanted to focus its attention on Napoleon, not because it couldn't continue the war with the US.
A large portion of historical scholars would disagree with you on that. Granted, another large portion would agree. Depends on your opinion on what constitutes winning.

And Britain didn't exclusively end the war. They can't have, since we were the ones who started it. Both sides agreed to stop fighting because neither side wanted to anymore. The British invasion force that burned Washington got their asses handed to them at Baltimore, the southward marching force was knocked back into Canada after the Battle of Plattsburg, and the Duke of Wellington himself out and out stated when asked to command Canada's army that despite having a clearly superior military, they were obviously not winning, shame on you Canadian-British army.
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