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Originally Posted by Kaioo View Post
The war in Iraq was a real war, now don't say it's not. The US dragged the UK into it because Bush didn't like Saddam. I know several soldiers who fought in Iraq and also I know several that died because of Bush dragging us into it. Only one of my friends that died in Iraq was killed by the hostiles, the rest were killed by American friendly fire.

The war in Afghanistan is also a real war, and it's a war which the US CANNOT win. How long have you guys been trying to find Osama, and he's hiding in a cave!!

Political or not, the US couldn't beat Vietnam.

Oh, and saying that China would lose is STUPID. China have a MUCH larger military force than the US.
It was a real war for a couple weeks, after which it turned into an occupation. Also I'm sorry for your loss, but personal experience is completely and utterly meaningless when it comes to statistics. As any scientist can tell you, the plural of anecdote is not evidence. The kind of combat happening in Iraq and Afghanistan now isn't even comparable to the combat that was happening at the start of the Iraq War, in Vietnam, Korea, WWII, or heck, 1812. The insurgents don't have an army, the fighting consists almost purely of small-scale, double-digit-numbers-of-people-or-lower gunfights, roadside bombs, and suicide attacks. The average American casualty rate in Iraq (4,400 dead over 7 years averages out to 628 dead per year) is comparable to the homicide rate in Detroit in 1974 and 1991 (714 and 615, respectively). The war just isn't comparable to what have been called wars in the past.

It's also an occupation, though at points there were fairly large battles. Most combat now occurs along the Pakistan border. And the who the hell are you to say the US can't win? Finding Bin Laden hasn't been a primary objective for years, and whether he is captured or not is totally irrelevant to the war itself.

Really? So, which country, Vietnam or the US, ended up having to rebuild all their cities and replant all their farms and had to deal with the aftereffects of being bombed into smithereens and having Agent Orange give them all cancer for generations?

The US military is 2/3rds of the Chinese military, which is hardly significant once you consider that the US has vast superiority in every other military aspect that matters. Again, China would never be able to use its numerical advantage due to being forced to hide in cities and tunnels the entire time. Before you go around spouting nonsense, attempt to learn something about warfare.

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