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Default [IA] The Day Dies With You

Only rule is only two decision requests will be taken at one time, first come first serve.

"Officer down! Officer down on Franklin Avenue! Backup requested! Someone get their ass over here and help me, god dammit!"

You wake up and come to consciousness, remembering those were the last words you heard before everything went black. You realize you’re sitting in the driver’s seat of a police car, with the lights flashing. For some stupid reason, it feels like you suddenly forgot who you were, but as you look at yourself and see you’re dressed in a police uniform, you feel stupid. You’re a cop, and something like all hell on earth is going down. Good lord, how did you forget something so damn basic as that?

The radio has gone quiet now, and rain continues to lightly hammer upon the windshield, covering it with a tiny river. The streets ahead are dark, the other parked cars off to the sides of the road look like they’ve been stuck there for days, and you don’t see a single soul walking around. You check your watch, and you see its 5:49 PM, but you have no idea how long it’s been since you were awake. All the while, you can’t help but think to yourself.

“How the hell did I fall asleep after hearing that!?”

It doesn’t matter. You don’t know how long it’s been since it happened either. It could have only been seconds ago, or it could have been well over an hour ago, which means the guy who requested help could be long dead. You don’t know if he was trying to contact you directly, or if he was just trying to get help from anyone in the area. All you know is the chief of police sure as hell isn’t going to take dozing off as an excuse for letting another cop take the fall.

The whole neighborhood outside is dark and strangely quiet. When you look around, you can tell this street is familiar, but you don’t remember the name for some strange reason. You can’t help but think… usually Vermillion City is way more active than this. What the hell’s going on, and where is everyone?

Right now, the radio is quiet. You don’t remember why you were dispatched to this location either, and it’s there that you’ve realized some strange kind of amnesia has settled in. You remember only certain details, but the rest is a foggy pit of erased memories. How and why did it happen? You look at your badge, Officer Derek Harding. Okay, at least that sounds familiar. You check your belt, and the stuff is still there. You handcuffs, the 92FS Beretta, radio, two Pokéballs…

…Two Pokéballs. Wait, why the hell can’t you even remember what Pokémon you have? You try to remember, but you can’t, something just seems completely out of place every time you try to recall who they were.

You could go back to the station to try and sort things out, but how the hell would you explain what happened? Forget it, they would look at you like you were insane. You would uncover the truth, but at what cost? To you, it sounds like you’d be way better off if you tried to find something out on your own. But where would you start looking? Franklin Avenue? Did you really want to see the body of the dead cop that you left for dead?

And then, when you least suspect it, the radio crackles to life again.

“Officer Madden, in pursuit of suspect on foot, heading southbound on Carlson Avenue! His accomplice is heading toward Kingston Avenue in a gray van! I can’t chase them both!”

Carlson and Kingston. You know where both roads are, and they’re not far from here either. You may have screwed up, but this might be a chance to redeem yourself. You could either team up and help this Officer Madden guy, who you only vaguely remember, catch the guy on foot and get him for sure, but then you’d let the guy in the van get away. However, if you let Madden go for the runner alone while you go for the van, you both might end up empty handed if both of them get away.

You know you don’t have a whole lot of time to decide either...


- Two Pokéballs, Pokémon unknown
- Handcuffs
- Police radio
- Beretta 92FS, 10/10 rounds

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