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Default Re: [IA] The Day Dies With You

With time running out, you act quickly.

DECISION: Two Pokéballs on the running criminal

You figure Officer Madden is already putting his neck out chasing after the guy on Carlson. The last thing you want on your hands is another dead cop. Besides, when you catch this jackass, you know the interrogators had ways of making this punk talk. In time, you could catch the guy driving the van, and probably find out where he lived to get more evidence. But if you missed both of them, forget it, it would have been the end of you and your career.

You quickly drive out and head toward Carlson, lights flashing, sirens blaring. You grab the radio, and respond to Madden’s request for back up.

“10-4, I’m en route to your location,” You tell him as you drive through the Vermillion City traffic. “Hang on, I’m almost there.”

You continue driving, but you hear no response from Madden. Chances are good he’s still running after the guy and doesn’t have time to stop. As you turn on Carlson, you keep an eye out for any running cop or criminal trying to flee the scene. For a moment, there’s nothing, but then you see the guy, a bandana-wearing punk with a white tank top and blue jeans. He sees you and the car, but he doesn’t stop. At that moment, you reach for your two Pokéballs. You know you need this punk alive, so shooting at him isn’t going to work.

You get out of the car.

“Hey, where the hell do you think you’re going!?” You shout out to him.

After he shows no sign of stopping, you throw both Pokéballs into action. They hit the ground, and with a flash of light, both of those previously unknown Pokémon emerge from the light. Grovyle and Mienshao. Strangely enough, even when you see them, you don’t remember ever having them before.

Damn, how could I have forgotten this...?

They both look to you, making the connection that the fleeing criminal is the one you’re after, and they know you tend to rely on them to help you with the job, even though you’ve forgotten yourself. They immediately give chase, but they’re relying on your command of attack to decide how to bring the criminal punk down.

You’d better decide quickly...


- Two Pokéballs
- Handcuffs
- Police radio
- Beretta 92FS, 10/10 rounds

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