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Default Re: Official Pe2K Battle Of The Week (Week 2) (Nominations!)

Originally Posted by Gofre View Post
I am voting for;
Skippy the Great
Mystery The Fated

For the same reasons as my last batch of votes, all have expressed interest in this idea and haven't had a chance to play yet.

I'm also giving BlueJello permission to write and post a warstory about our battle this week, if I were to hold off until the tournament finished it would be months behind. It's not the exact team I use anyway so it doesn't really matter. I have the log/video if anybody wants it, or it's on my YouTube page;

I may write my own warstory to post in the thread BlueJello starts to give both perspectives, and to explain a couple of strange moves I made =P
That's great, thanks for the video, I'll add it and if you could post the logs :S It would be great. A warstory would just be amazing. I was hoping to get this on our Pe2K youtube channel, I guess I'll just download it and put it up there if you don't mind. The Youtube channel is pretty dead and this will be a good way to get its activity up and possibly get activity up here too.