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Default Re: A Guide to EV Training for the Fourth and Fifth Generations of Pokemon

Originally Posted by Rexxy018 View Post
Thank you for this guide Gofre, I've only recently realised how important EV training is in Pokemon, especially since it is heavily used in Wi-Fi battles. This guide is much more clearer than the other guides I have read.

The only question I have to ask is:

If my Pokemon is infected by the Pokerus and is holding the Macho Brace, to fully max out in a single stat Will I only need to defeat 64 Pokemon?
No problem [=

It depends on the EV output of the Pokemon you're beating on how many you must face to max out a single stat.

1 EV Yield;
252/(1 x 4)= 63
63 defeats
2 EV Yield;
252/(2 x 4)= 31.5
32 defeats
3 EV Yield;
252/(3 x 4)= 20.833r
21 Defeats
So you would be correct that you only need to beat a maximum of 64 pokemon to max out a single stat, although given that you do not need to gain the three excess EVs you can stop at 63.
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