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Default Re: [IA] The Day Dies With You

As you quickly break into a run to follow the guy in pursuit, you have a good idea of what you plan on doing.

DECISION: Order both Pokémon to pin him down. Have Grovyle use Grasswhistle on the man if possible; if not, order the both of them to simply tackle the criminal to the ground.

Grasswhistle. It could send the bastard crashing to the ground if it was pulled off correctly. As for the Mienshao, god, who cared, as long as he took the guy out.

“Grovyle, take him out with a Grasswhistle!” You shout out to him. “We need this maggot alive!”

The Grovyle acknowledges your command, but the criminal in the white tank top makes the hasty decision to barge his way through an apartment building door and start heading upstairs. You know that in order for your Grovyle to pull off a successful Grasswhistle, he’s going to need to get closer than this.

“Follow him, we can’t let that punk escape!” You shout out to them.

Both the Grovyle and the Mienshao charge in first after the criminal, but only seem to be evenly matched with the guy’s speed. As you run in after them, you see the guy charge up the stairway to the second floor, and take a left turn. You lose sight of him, and shortly after, as the Groyvle and the Mienshao pursue him also, you lose sight of them as well. You start to head up the stairway yourself, but all of a sudden, you notice another figure coming up from behind you.

You turn around, and see it’s another cop. Officer Madden, you suddenly remember his face. Right now, it doesn’t look like there’s any time, you quickly head up the stairway and he quickly follows you upward.

“My Grovyle and my Mienshao are in pursuit of the suspect,” you tell him as you both rush up the stairs. “They’re up ahead, hold your fire.”

Officer Madden doesn’t reply however, he seems to be too focused on trying to save his breath. Either that, or he didn’t hear you clearly. Regardless, you try to follow the same path the suspect took, taking a left turn as you head up the stairs. There’s no time to reiterate what you said, you simply decide to continue the pursuit.

You come across a hallway with multiple doorways, and you have no idea which one the suspect took. There’s an open door at the end of the hall, but then there are two doors off to the right side. You still hear the rushed footsteps of the pursuit, but there’s still no sign of either the criminal or your two Pokémon that were running after him just moments ago.

It’s a one out of three chance. Either the door at the end of the hall, the first door to the right, or the second door to the right.

You’d better hope luck is on your side.


- Two Pokéballs
- Handcuffs
- Police radio
- Beretta 92FS, 10/10 rounds

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