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Default Re: ~ Philippa's Shop of Shiny (& Other) ~

I am Japanese.
I am not good at English.
I am interested as follows.
Oddish - Quirky - 18/05/08
Shellder - Brave - 08/07/09

It was distributed in Japan as follows. (GMS)
~Generation 5~
ポケスマ ID 10220 Kumasyun
サトシ ID 01281 Zuruggu ズルッグ
ポケスマ! ID 01161 Zoroark ゾロアーク
ふゆやすみ Darkrai ダークライ ID 12270
PGL distribution
Dream Ball グレッグル(Croagunk)
Dream Ball ブースター(Flareon)
Dream Ball アチャモ(Torchic)
Dream Ball ミズゴロウ(Mudkip)
Dream Ball アルセウス(Arceus)
~Generation 4~
クラウン(Crown)Raikou ID:06180
クラウン(Crown)Suicune ID:06180
クラウン(Crown)Entei ID:06180
えいがかん(Movie)Celebi ID:07100
オブリビア(Oblivia)Heatran ID:03060
オブリビア(Oblivia)Shaymin ID:03060
グーン(Goon)Scizor ID:06180
サトシ(Satoshi)Pikachu ID:07150
NZ Manaphy ID:08110

The following two are 100% legit as a result of whether hacking was done being examined.
ポケパーク(PokePark)Meowth ID:50318-Jolly-2007/1/8
サファイア(SAPHIRE)Zigzagoon ID:21121-Modest-2006/11/23

Meditite,Ekans,Surskit,Aipom,Stantler,Zangoose,Sol rock,Seedot,
Delibird,Meowth,Lotad,Seviper,Snubbull,Mantine,Lun atone
Skitty,Electabuzz,Tauros,Shellder,Chimecho,Shuckle ,Sneasel
Pikachu,Sunkern,Magmar,Plusle,Hoothoot,Minun,Bells prout
Misdreavus,Slowpoke,Murkrow,Sableye,Chansey,Roseli a
It doesn't understand whether the GCEA Pokemon is done Hack or is not so.
Is there interested one in my offer?

It corrected it because it had written by mistake.

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