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Default Re: Official Pe2K Battle Of The Week (Week 2) (Nominations!)

Originally Posted by Gofre View Post
PM me your email address and I'll email the raw screen cap footage to you.

Has anybody had any experience with PO's logs? I'm trying to paste mine into the text box but it keeps removing the different lines and merging it into a single block of text :S
I had that problem for the first few times I tried to copy logs from PO.

Try the following...

1) Copy from PO Log
2) Paste to the Word Pad program in your computer.
3) Re-copy the text in Word Pad.
4) Paste to your message box here on PE2K.

...That should do it. I had the same problem in the past, but that's what worked for me.

*side note* Thanks for voting for me in your nominations (as well as Latisiblings), and yes, I have an interest, but if nominated, I will need to wait until Week 4. I am leaving town tomorrow, and I don't expect to be back before Thursday, unless the final tallies are in by tomorrow, and the battle can be completed before noon tomorrow (EST/US NY Time).

I also occasionally do wifi battles.

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