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Default Re: RNG Shiny Eggs?

Originally Posted by Tsujin View Post
The same could be applied to other methods of pokemon. That's like saying by specifically abusing the breeding techniques in order to get extremely high IVs, or by taking advantage of the EV training system it's cheating. Or that by taking advantage of the Masuda Method of breeding, the method of breeding 2 parents of different language origins in order to increase chances of breeding a shiny, it's cheating. If no one had ever told you about EVs, IVs, or the Masuda Method you would have never known about them and they would be an invisible mechanic in-game. RNGing is the same way.

It's all done in-game using no external cheating devices in any way and is just a method that anybody can learn to do in order to get a desired results for something they want to use in-game or online.
I do consider breeding for perfect IVs and the Masuda Method to be cheating. I wouldn't consider EVs to be cheating because it's a new aspect of the game which gives more control over your Pokemon, and brings a more strategic aspect into it. But abusing things like the IV breeding techniques or this RNG thing I consider cheating because it's not designed to be messed with by the player, where EV training is open and there and designed to be changed and used by the player.

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