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Originally Posted by Sith_Lord_Darth_Krushya View Post
But RNGing is still manipulating the game's or games' programming code to create an outcome that either cannot normally occur or would take an enormous amount of time to generate. Isn't that what a cheat devise does? Isn't therefore, RNGing, cheating???
No, it does neither. It doesn't mess with any part of the game's programming that normal gameplay wouldn't mess with. Any outcome made by RNGing is ALWAYS something that could occur naturally in-game without ANY external device. It is ALL done in-game. It wouldn't necessarily take an enormous time to generate either considering all you are doing is breeding so it takes as long as it does to normally breed.

Originally Posted by The pokemaster View Post
I do consider breeding for perfect IVs and the Masuda Method to be cheating. I wouldn't consider EVs to be cheating because it's a new aspect of the game which gives more control over your Pokemon, and brings a more strategic aspect into it. But abusing things like the IV breeding techniques or this RNG thing I consider cheating because it's not designed to be messed with by the player, where EV training is open and there and designed to be changed and used by the player.
How can you consider either of those to be cheating? I never said breeding for perfect IVs either. I said extremely higher IVs than normal. This can be done without the use of RNGing as well as with. IVs are easily controlled through breeding and the use of items just like natures and egg moves. Breeding for specific IVs is the same as manipulating EVs in order to get a strategic advantage. The Masuda Method also couldn't be considered cheating because there is absolutely no cheating involved in any way. All you are doing is breeding 2 pokemon? It's just breeding a pokemon from a different language. That's basically saying. Oh that pokemon you bred it cheated cuz it's parent is of a different language. EVs aren't something new either. They've been around since the 3rd Generation and have been able to be manipulated since then. With the coming of 2 new generations both IVs, EVs, and shinyness have all been able to be more controlled and manipulated. If this wasn't the case then Nintendo wouldn't have implemented the methods that people use today (not counting RNGing) in order to control all of these. The Power Items and Macho Brace wouldn't exist to control EVs as well as IVs when breeding and people who can tell you through a phrase what your IVs are would not be in-game. I'm sure there is more that indicate that Nintendo has left methods in order to control and manipulate all these things in-game that I've left out but seeing as Nintendo has placed all of this into the game I wouldn't count any of these methods cheating.
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