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Default Re: Do you use the Sound Theory?

All. The. Time.

I find movie soundtracks, video game soundtracks, and other songs with limited or no lyrics work especially well for this. Many of them incite a profound feeling of inspiration, help put you in a different setting of thought, and help you forge ideas from the mood of the music.

I recently came across an artist called "Two Steps From Hell" which mostly does songs for movie trailers. Absolutely freaking epic. If you want a flavor of what some of these songs sound like, listen to these four:

Merchant Prince
Am I Not Human?
Black Blade
Ocean Princess

Besides those, its all a matter of finding and listening to the right music soundtrack that follows the same genre and mood of what you're writing about. But listening to dead silence... yeah, that's usually when and how Writer's Block kicks in.

Music is motion.

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