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Default Re: RNG Shiny Eggs?

Originally Posted by Tsujin View Post
Well RNG doesn't only pertain to perfect IVs. Sometimes it's used to get a specific IV set in order to get a particular HP type and such for battling and other things but yes you are entitled to your own opinion of course. I just like to put everything out there in order to prevent people from making uneducated assumptions about things. Not saying that you were but others who automatically take offense and go CHEATER!! Also, the Masuda Method is acknowledged by Nintendo. After all it is their programming that makes it that way. It isn't exactly easy either. The chances of you breeding a shiny are I believe a 1/8000 something chance. Using international parents however only increases that chance to a 1/6000 chance if I'm remembering it correctly. It doesn't exactly just give you a shiny. LOL
Ik that, it still greatly increases your chances, my friend got two shinies in a week from Masuda method, which was largely good luck on his part, but still. Also, I don't know if it's true, but I've heard rumours and stuff that the shiny rate has gone up heaps in B/W, and going by the number of shinies my friends and I found in the wild in a week and a bit, I'd believe it. We got like 7 shinies between the 6 of us, so I think something's up there. :\

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