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Default Re: Lesbian mouse gene found

Originally Posted by TitaniumAnimations View Post
Um, there were white people in Africa a thousand years ago. Try the ancient Greeks and Romans. White people can survive in the area, stop talking.

But by your logic, we live to do nothing but reproduce, suggesting that is what we live for, am I correct? Maybe you should realize that reproduction is not as important as your own survival. And that is what your body's function is, why else would you need bones? To keep your body together. Why else do we have eyes in the front of our heads? So we can hunt. Why do we have a nose? To breathe the air. Why do we have legs? So we can move. Without any of this, we would simply not exist as a human, and we most certainty would not be where we are today.
Greeks and Romans were foreigners to the land. Several thousands years of evolution already separated them by then. White people now can survive in drastic conditions thanks to our ingenuity but when man was just starting out it wasn't really like that. A white man would've probably died out in Africa.

I would respond to the rest of you guys but I've decided to withdraw. I've come up with some counter-examples to my arguments myself and I would have to dig deep into genetics and other bio topics to understand homosexuality better. I think the best way to understand any of this is pursuing a professional career in this area of science but that isn't gonna happen in this life time (unless we can enhance our life span in my lifetime, yeah, more time to learn).
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