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Default Re: Lesbian mouse gene found

Originally Posted by Alonso View Post
Greeks and Romans were foreigners to the land. Several thousands years of evolution already separated them by then. White people now can survive in drastic conditions thanks to our ingenuity but when man was just starting out it wasn't really like that. A white man would've probably died out in Africa.
But the point still stands, the Greeks and Romans did fine in Africa. There's no biological reason that white men couldn't survive in Africa given the same tools and upbringing. They would be more apt to sunburn, but that's about it. Black people don't have any other innate advantages over white people (small difference in physical ability as evidenced by a large percentage of high-level athletes being black, possibly? I don't think there's much evidence for it) so there's really no reason that they couldn't. The differences between human races are tiny, and many biologists would say essentially nonexistent as race is a cultural concept, not a biological one.

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