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Default Re: Individual RP: Stinky

Durant was absorbed into the Hyper Ball. The ball fell to the ground silently, shaking a few times before giving a simple click- I had caught Durant! I grinned- I had caught what I had come here for! My ranger picked up the ball, congratulating me- he looked around the battlefield. Only then did I see what I had done- a tunnel through the ground, a broken tree trunk, and singed dirt from the Thunder Wave. Whoops. "I'm sorry for all this damage," I muttered, embarrassed. I bent over and picked up the PokePlayer by my feet. "I think I'll put the Ferroseed Voice Disk back in... You never know, right?" I said, half to my ranger and half to myself. I took out the Durant disk and replaced it with the partially used voice disk.

OOC: shortshortshort.
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