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Default Re: Individual RP: bleepbloop

OOC: btw my rpcs name is Mizuiro not my screen name :P


It was perfect weather today, a bit sunny but with a nice breeze so that you wouldn’t feel the heat too much. Mizuiro walked down the path in a slow measured pace, the sun seemed to gleam off the scar he had received upon meeting the Pokemon that stood right walked right next to him. He was slightly shorter than Mizuiro himself, had a permanent fierce look etched on his face and was encased in an iron hard crimson shell. The mantis let out a content sigh; he liked the weather as well. A flock of Pidgey flew above them, squawking as they sped towards the ranger outpost. Mizuiro took the time to look over his papers as he approached the sliding doors to the entrance of the outpost.

“Looks like our ranger is a kid named Ataro…. Great, just great” he said to his Scizor. The Pokemon bobbed his head in agreement, the two while experienced themselves, disliked having to babysit others, “Well it might not be so bad, he is a ranger so let’s see right?” His Scizor nodded in agreement.

The doors closed behind them and the two set off towards the reception desk. The contrast to outside was as startling as ever to Mizuiro, he never liked being confined in the industrial buildings. They were too tidy, too clean and had a sense of dull receptiveness to them. As much as he disliked being indoors, he would persevere. He was at the reception desk, the lady behind the desk was typing away, her overly painted nails clicking away at the key board with a speed born from practice.

“Excuse me miss, I’m looking for a ranger by the name of Ataro,” he said trying to be as polite as he could.

She looked up and cringed a bit before she could hide her expressions behind a more professional façade, all the same it didn’t surprise Mizuiro, he had the look that could make even a Garchomp shrink in fear, “Umm, sure thing, let me call him up,” she said as she reached for the phone, “Ataro, your trainer is here to be escorted through the park,” she set the phone down with a click and turned her attention back towards Mizuiro and said a bit more calmly now, “He should be here in a few minutes, you and your Pokemon can sit over there on the couches or you could wait outside or him if you like since it’s such a beautiful day.”

“I think I might do that, just send him out then, Sky let’s head out,” the Scizor nodded in acknowledgement and followed after Mizuiro as they went back outside. When they got out of the stifling outpost, Mizuiro took in a deep breath and sat himself cross-legged on the ground, closed his eyes then began his meditation, mentally preparing himself for whatever would happen next then his Scizor followed suite.

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