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Default Re: Official Pe2K Battle Of The Week (Week 2) (Nominations!)

Originally Posted by Skippy the Great View Post
I had that problem for the first few times I tried to copy logs from PO.

Try the following...

1) Copy from PO Log
2) Paste to the Word Pad program in your computer.
3) Re-copy the text in Word Pad.
4) Paste to your message box here on PE2K.

...That should do it. I had the same problem in the past, but that's what worked for me.

*side note* Thanks for voting for me in your nominations (as well as Latisiblings), and yes, I have an interest, but if nominated, I will need to wait until Week 4. I am leaving town tomorrow, and I don't expect to be back before Thursday, unless the final tallies are in by tomorrow, and the battle can be completed before noon tomorrow (EST/US NY Time).
Originally Posted by Badal View Post
Well considering it'll too much of a hassle to edit the post. I'll give you more time this week. You should still try and get it done this week.

This week's battle thus:
Latisiblings vs Skippy the Great
I recant. I can battle sooner if I catch him online. I'll send him a PM now and set up a time.


PM sent.

I also occasionally do wifi battles.

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