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Default Re: [IA] The Day Dies With You

Sorry, wasn’t neglecting this intentionally. Had a stupid exam. I think I’ll finish this up.

Making the move…

DECISION: Take the shot. It's all you've got going for you right now.

With your Pokémon nowhere in sight, you only have one real option now. Pulling out your 92FS, you give the criminal one last chance…

“Stop or I’ll shoot!” You shout at him.

But nothing happens, he still keeps on running. You take aim, intending to take out one of his legs. If you can pull this off, he won’t be able to run, and he’ll have to confess to everything. Confident your shot will hit, you squeeze the trigger, and the 92FS fires, coughing up fire at the end of the barrel as the bullet launches from the chamber…

…but the shot never hits. You fire again, and again, up to four more times, but the bullets never hit anything. With little option left, you decide running and pursuing the criminal is your only real chance, though already you’ve been on a losing streak.

You chase him down the familiar Franklin Avenue, but over time, he has gained distance, and eventually, he disappears from sight. By now, it’s too late, and the criminal has gotten away. Meanwhile, your Pokémon are missing, and you have no idea where they are now. Hopefully they’ll just find their way back to you. Hopefully.

Shortly after, you come across the crime scene, what you remembered was the shooting of an on-duty police officer on Franklin Avenue. Crime scene investigators have already surrounded the area, and have already begun taking evidence samples and taking photographs. Out of curiosity, you decide to see who exactly was shot and killed, trying to see if you would remember the cop’s face. No one seems to notice you there, so you walk up and approach the body, which is lying face down on the asphalt road in a pool of blood.

“Got everything?” One of the cops asks CSI. “Harding was a good man. I swear, I’ll make the bastards who did this pay.”


It was then that they turned the body over to put it in a body bag. It was then that you saw the officer’s face, smeared with blood with the look of death all over his face.

It was your face.

"Officer down! Officer down on Franklin Avenue! Backup requested! Someone get their ass over here and help me, god dammit!"

You were the dead cop they were talking about. It was then that everything starting making sense. You suddenly realized why Officer Madden never acknowledged your radio call, why he never responded to you before running into the apartment. You realized why the criminal never even so much as acknowledged your existence, why your Pokémon only seemed to be illusions, and why your shots never hit anything.

You were a ghost… a ghost cop looking upon his own crime scene… chasing the one who had killed him, only to realize there was nothing he could do. Nothing but watch as his own killer ran away.

“We’ll bury his Pokémon besides him,” The cop told the CSI. “Once you’ve looked over everything, that is. Their bodies are over by the other end of the street. Poor bastards just couldn’t manage once their trainer went down, and those jackasses finished them off…”

The hour is late, and darkness is settling in. After that, you realize there’s nothing you can do. Nothing but simply pass on, hoping someone… someday… they’ll catch that bastard.


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