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Default Re: Signature & Avatar Showcase

Originally Posted by Neko-chan View Post
It looks good, but I think blending the renders in with the background would make the banner look better. Try smudging the sides of the renders, or add a bit of shadows below them. ^^ Also, don't be afraid to experiment with adjustment layers on your banners! Those things makes the colors balanced, and makes most things look better.

Thanks for the feedback, thats some good ideas :) getting used to Photoshop is pretty hard to begin with but its a damn powerful tool thats for sure :)

I haven't posted here in ages.. I wonder if people still remember me here. o:

Well, for starters, this is a great thing because you created it perfectly. Although, you could learn a bit more effects on the internet so that you could further improve this masterpiece. You could try and create banners for your signature so that it wouldn't end up too small in your sig. Try using smaller heights and longer widths next time. :D

Anyways, the font goes well with the background since the theme of your masterpiece is grungy or something dark. That's good for beginners. You may want to study blending techniques in the near future. :)
Thanks for taking a peek. Im still practising a lot but im getting used to how Photohshop works. Its really fun to be honest :)
Many thanks to Neo Emolga for the Avatar and Signature <3
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