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Default Re: Pokemon Black and White Discussion

Originally Posted by Neo Emolga View Post
Bah, if I designed Pokemon, smaller Pokemon would be faster and more evasive than the fully evolved lugs. Pokemon evolving should logically make them SLOWER and EASIER TO HIT because they're now bigger. Now that would definitely put a different twist on things. Ah well.

You have to like Emolga for his charm, personality, and his coolness. If we're going solely off of stats, everyone would just be abusing the legendaries anyway.
Well I give that its cute and that it has useful typing. Its just I won't use my Emolga in order to take a few hits from whatever Ice move or Rock move comes my way.

When it comes to coolness and personality, any Dark-type this generation (minus Liepard and Purrloin) pretty much catches my eye. I love my Dark pokémon and my Ghost pokémon and this Generation only helps that. Too bad Dark Pulse lost its TM status.

Disregarding my love of Ghost and Dark, I do have to say that the Steels this Generation have upped in reliability.
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