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Default Re: Pokemon Black and White Discussion

Originally Posted by arcemegus View Post
Well I give that its cute and that it has useful typing. Its just I won't use my Emolga in order to take a few hits from whatever Ice move or Rock move comes my way.

When it comes to coolness and personality, any Dark-type this generation (minus Liepard and Purrloin) pretty much catches my eye. I love my Dark pokémon and my Ghost pokémon and this Generation only helps that. Too bad Dark Pulse lost its TM status.
Well, that's true. Emolga is quite versatile and dynamic with a Flying/Electric typing, though yeah, the little guy can't take on everything. No Pokemon can, though U-Turn and Volt Switch are pretty good when you need to pull your Emolga out of the fight.

Originally Posted by Altrius View Post
Hence why Ive now come to like Emolga so much :)

That grin is infectious.
That it is! There's just no resisting it.

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