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Default Re: Black and White Auction

Normal: Minccino- Fawkes for 40.5k
Fire: Litwick- Buzzer for 66k
Water: Frillish- Husnain for 35k
Grass: Cottonee- Pman for 41k
Electric: Stunfisk- Gmandiddy for 42k
Ground: Drilbur- BB for 79k
Rock: Dwebble- Win for 23k
Ghost: Golett- Sec for 50k
Psychic: Solosis- Poke123 for 49k
Dark: Zorua- TE for 42k
Steel: Klink- Mubz for 42.5k
Flying: Sigilyph- Ataro for 40k
Bug: Joltik- Mav for 35k
Dragon: Druddigon-Near for 41k
Fighting: Timburr- Ayotui for 39k
Ice: Vanillite- Derian for 40.5k
Poison: Trubbish- Flammen for 26k
Mystery: Larvesta- BB for 225k (Silent Bid)

Post here to deduct and claim!

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