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Default Masters of Illusion [Now Recruiting]

Masters of Illusion

In a mist of dreams
We can sometimes walk
A line between reality
and place we feel safe

Where clouds of illusions
can almost seem real
and we block out intrusions
from the rest of the world.

A safe place to harbor
our inner most feelings
Where we're in control
without interfering

reflections of the past,
mingle with dreams of tomorrow.
And become alive from our hopes
where time doesn't matter

A dangerous place,
on the edge of what's sane.
Do we walk away
Or float deeper within?

The pride of our clan exists through the unity of our members, and to sow confusion and chaos amongst our enemies, leaving them scattered, helpless against the winds of change.

Rules of the Clan

1. No spam, trolling or the like. Keep things on the topic of Pokemon, tournaments, leaves of absense and other clan-related topics.
2. All Pe2k rules apply
3. You can only be in one clan at any given time. If you wish to leave us for another clan, you may do so. We'll always take you back if they refuse you.
4. Treat your fellow clansmen with honor and respect at all times.
5. If you're not part of the clan, don't post unless for a battle challenge, or sign up application.
6. You must post at least once a month, unless you notify us ahead of time or find someway of notifying us of circumstances that would prevent you from doing so (Vacation, house fire, moving to a new home, etc.) if you are AWOL (Absent WithOut Leave for you non-military peoples) for a month and have not notified anyone, you will be removed from the clan. However, you will be allowed to rejoin, but you will be bumped down a rank due to your inactivity without notification.

Battle Rules

1. Match rules will be decided between the two opponents
2. Basic rules will be decided between the two opponents
3. Uber Pokémon and Legendaries are not allowed unless talked about beforehand. If you are unsure what Pokemon are considered Uber, click HERE

Clan War Battle Rules

1. The following items are not allowed to be used in battle: BrightPowder, Focus Band, King's Rock, Lax Incense, Lucky Punch, Quick Claw, Razor Claw, Razor Fang, Scope Lens, and Stick. If your foe uses these items they will be eliminated.
2. Evasion Clause - Evasion moves are banned, such as Double Team
3. Sleep Clause, only one pokémon may be asleep at a time. Rest does not count, however.
4. OHKO Clause, no OHKO moves, such as Fissure, Sheer Cold, etc.
5. Species Clause, you are NOT allowed to have two of the same species of pokémon on the same team.
6. Uber Pokémon are not allowed.
7. All war batlles are 6 vs 6, set to lv. 100
8. Hacked Pokemon are not allowed

Challenging the Masters:

In order to challenge members of our clan to a battle, it is required that you post your challenge in this format:

User Name: (Pe2k User Name followed by In Game User Name, PO User Name, etc.)
Battle Venue:(PO server, Wifi D/P/Pl/B/W, etc.)
Friend Code:
Who you want to Challange: (Must be in our clan, and please don't pick people that are offline)
What Clan: (Which clan are you in?)

Want to be a Master?

So, for those that wish to join our ranks, we ask that you fill this form out and post it here.

User Name: (Pe2k User Name)
Friend Code: (Please list which game goes to which FC)
In Game Name/Pokemon Online Name/Shoddt Battle names:
Reason for Joining?: (Just curious)
What Other skills do you have: (Banners, Breeding, etc.)
Experience With Pokemon:
Your Pokemon Sprite representative: (cannot be the same as another members)

At the moment, this clan is just starting out. While the Alpha is defined and definate(me), our ranking system will be decided by skill and loyalty.

Every month there will be one basic tournament and one type/theme tournament. Basic tournaments guage your skills as a trainer, while type/style tounaments will show how well you do when working with certain types of Pokemon or certain theme groups of Pokemon. Every battle win nets you one BP. every tournament win will net you an additional 5 BP, and your name will be posted on the tournament winners list. Also, each win in a Clan War match with worth 2 BP. When our clan wins a Clan War, all active members get 10 BP. Clan War losses are still get rewarded for being active and participating with 5BP. Donating a banner will net you 5 BP, and donating bred and/or captured legit Pokemon to the shop will net 5-15 BP depending on Pokemon rarity, 20 BP for legit Shinies. Battle points can be used to purchase Pokemon from Clan Breeders/Capture Specialists.

If you are new to Pokemon PvP, those who are more familiar with the game will be willing to help you with any questions you may have and will offer suggestions.

All WiFi-based tournaments will be held to an honor code. Because disconnections can happen due to bad weather or someone having a poor reception, if a disconnect happens by accident, the battle will be restarted. However, if you disconnect just because you are losing, you will forfeit the match and you will be banned from the next tournament. Repeat offenders will be ousted fromt he clan.

Most clan tournaments, however, will be held on the PO server. This is a free program that you can download with full team customization. Once again though you will be held to an honor code. If you use a forbidden Pokemon or a forbidden item, you will be kicked from the tournament and banned fromt he next one.


Alpha: The rank of Alpha is reserved for the creator and those who have shown strong dedication and skill to the clan. Only Alphas can accept new members, give tournament prizes, create/host tournaments and decide on and deliver punishments for rule-breakers. Only those worthy of the highest trust can earn this title, because with power comes responsability.

Beta: The Rank of Beta is reserved for the best of the best of trainer battlers, as well as for those who have dedicated much. To be considered for this rank, you must have won at least one tournament per month for 12 months total and have been in at least 5 Clan Wars. Those of Beta rank will be designated with testing new recruits and will act as mentors.

Cetra: The Rank of Cetra is reserved for those who, instead of focusing solely on battling, donates other skills to the clan. Pokemon Breeding, Pokemon capture, IV training, banner makers, etc. To gain this rank, you must be a member for 6 months and have offered these services to the clan

Delta: The Rank of Delta is reserved for those who have proven themselves to be full-fledged members of our clan. In order to achieve this rank, you must be a member of our clan for 6 months and have participated in at least six tournaments or one Clan War.

Omega: This rank is automatically assigned to new members. It doesn't mean you're not skilled, only that you are a new member to the clan.

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