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Originally Posted by mandemmm View Post
Shiny Chimchar, Blaze Kick, Fire Punch, Thunder Punch, Heat Wave, Flawless
Shiny Torchic, Night Slash, Rock Slide, Smelling Salt, Crush Claw, Flawless,
Shiny Flareon x2, Superpower, Return, Toxic, Curse, Flawless
Shiny Turtwig, Superpower, Thrash, Seed Bomb, Body Slam, Flawless,
Shiny Happiny, Not sure of IV's, but its got a few pretty good ones.
Shiny Caterpie, Flawless,
Shiny Eevee, Curse, Flawless,
Shiny Umbreon, Wish, Curse, Flawless,
Shiny Jolteon, Signal Beam, Thunderbolt, Shadowball, Charge Beam,

Legendaries, Deoxys, Latias, JP Manaphy, Suicune, Mew, Terrakion, Cobalion, Virizion, Tornadus, Kyurem, Reshiram

Looking for other shinies. =)
Is the Torchic female?
How do you have a shiny Reshriram?
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