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Default Re: Internet Grammar

If you're texting on a cell phone, in a chat room or using an Instant messenger, it can be excused. However, it seems less and less people care much about proper grammar and spelling. I fear it's getting to the point where you might even find text talk and internet lingo used to fill out resumes and job applications. What's scarier is if someone actually hired a person who filled out their job application like that.

Generally, the only text lingo I use is brb, bbl, rp, su, ooc, ic, ds and maybe lol. There is little wrong with it in the correct usage. However, there have been a few roleplay ideas in the sign-up area that I would have probably joined were I not turned off by the horrible grammar used to describe it. Basically, if I have an easier time deciphering ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics than I do your rp idea, I'm going to pass it by.
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