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Eishiba followed behind Kalen as he lead the way to Viridian City. The road was a little windy but nothing to hard to navigate. He couldn't help but think about the encounter with Mewtwo. The way it had effortlessly handled both of their Pokemon was incredible. The power if possessed was unmatched. Even the almighty Arceus couldn't stand up to how would they?
"Maybe Ill need a stronger Pokemon. Maybe a different one?" Eishiba thought. He knew Mankey was a fighting type and that it was not a great choice against a psychic type. What other choice did he have? His Bunery didn't seem fit for battle, nor did Torchic. Squirtle might have done a little better since it was able to Withdraw. Certainly Mewtwo would return for another fight.
Kalen was going on and on about what he thought as well. "I can't understand why anyone would want to destroy both Pokemon and humans."
"I'm not sure," Eishiba said.
The boys crossed into some more heavy areas of grass. The clear blue sky and bright shinning sun began to beat down as the heat was intense that day. Both boys wiped sweat from their brows. As they walked through the grass, as another tan colored bug with a sharp point jumped out at them. It missed them as it flew through the air with its point aimed in front of it. Kalen said, "Here is my chance to catch something new!"
Eishiba said, "Go ahead. I already have a few. You could use another one."
Kalen smiled as he reached for a poke ball on his belt and threw it into the grass. The blinding flash of light faded revealing the little Chimchar. Kalen then wasted no time in calling its first attack. "Chimchar, use Ember!"
Chimchar charged forward as it was faster than Weedle. It opened its mouth sending a small flurry of fire at the Weedle. The small bug stopped where it was, not even having time to react as the flames licked at it. It laid where it was, unconscious. Kalen took an empty Pokeball from his belt and threw it. It bounced gently against the Weedle and opened, sucking it into the ball as it snapped shut. The ball shook back and forth for a few seconds and then stopped as the Weedle was now caught. Kalen ran to his pokeball and picked it up shouting, "Yes! I caught a Weedle!"
Eishiba clapped as he said, "Now you have two. That should be a great edition. Maybe once we heal it, we can have another battle." Kalen was excited and said, "Yes!." He ran off towards Viridian City. Eishiba kept up behind as they made their way to Viridian City.
Once they reached the city, it was a little bigger than Pallet Town. It actually had a FEW more houses than Pallet Town. The two made a pit stop at the Pokemon Center first. Nurse Joy took their Pokemon as the two sat and had something to eat. Interestingly, the Pokemon Center in Viridian looked the same as the one Eishiba had stopped at in Cerulean City. The food tasted really bad. Just like that of hospital food. Eishiba looked down at his corn and broccoli and said, "This tastes like plastic or something." Kalen had barely managed to poke at his food with his fork. "Maybe it wasn't cooked right? I'd rather eat Pokemon food than this." Eishiba's stomach turned a little at the thought of eating Pokemon food.
After Nurse Joy brought their Pokemon back, Kalen held out a Pokeball saying, "Lets battle!" Nurse Joy took them to a secure room and proceeded to be the referee. Kalen threw his pokeball into the concrete arena as his new Weedle erupted. Eishiba took a Pokeball from his belt and threw it as Buneary erupted. The buneary jumped and hopped eagerly.
Kalen shouted, "Use Poison Sting!"
"Buneary, use Pound!"
Both Pokemon shot out but Buneary overtook Weedle quickly, coming down with its nubby stub of a hand and pounded hard on the back of Weedle. The Weedle shook it off and lept foreward as its Poison Sting landed on target. Buneary stumbled back as it held its stomach tightly. It began to cough heavily like it was choking. "Buneary, are you ok?"Eishiba called out.
Buneary had been poisoned. Eishiba said, "Try to use another Pound!" Buneary charged again coming in with another pound just as Kalen called out for a String Shot. Weedle shot a thin layer of silk from its mouth. It wrapped tightly around Buneary's arms. It held firm as Buneary's pound was interrupted. With its arm tied straight, it could not bend its arm for an attack. It coughed again as the poison was taking its toll. The Buneary fell face foreward as it pass out from the poison. Nurse Joy shouted, "The winner is Weedle!" Kalen ran to his Weedle and hugged it as Eishiba held Buneary. It looked pale as the poison was still in effect. He walked to Nurse Joy saying, "Can you help my Buneary? Please?" Nurse Joy took Buneary with her as she left the room. Kalen said, "That was a great match. We are one to one now!"
Eishiba congradulated him on his win.
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