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Default Re: Pokemon Black and White Discussion

Originally Posted by 3m0d0ll View Post
I did it. I used my Rare Candies O^O I didn't want to, but leveling up a little bird is hard since it's weak against nearly everything on Victory Road or does neutral damage :S So I pumped it full of Candies and now I hate myself - the back Sprite is hideous! D;

I just caught a few Axews... I'm thinking about using them, but I already have Ullal (whom I love, omg!) and they're level 30/31, meaning I'd have to do some grinding to bump them up to level 50ish so I can use them against the E4... I'm not sure yet...

Also, since the changing of the seasons, I flew back to Nuvema Town and I've been re-walking through all the routes - surfing where I couldn't before, using Cut and Strength in places where I didn't have the option to, going after items that I can now get to thanks to the snow - and I just captured Cobalion! :'D It's typing is interesting and it's Defense is wonderful <3 But I have no intention of using it since I never use Legendaries against the E4. But I can already tell, him and Terrakion are going to be massive in competitive battling :)
Believe it or not Cobalion isn't so good in Competitive. I cant remember why but he gets seriously outclasses by a lot of fast sweepers. Terrakion on the other hand is an absoloute beast and seriously knocks the stuffing out of a lot of other competitors. The only problem is I think he's pretty fragile to a lot of the sweepers, so you have to be pretty careful using him. I think an Earthquake from most pokes can OHKO him. But aside from that hes pretty damn deadly :)
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