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Default The Pokemon Society: Interforums Tournament 2011 - Round 2

The Pokemon Society - Interforums Tournament 2011

How Round 2 will work:
  • There are 36 participants that have made it to Round 2.
  • Of those 36 participants, 6 of each were placed in 6 tables. They were all seperated by the community they are representing and by the amount of points they had tallied up in Round 1.
  • All users that have made it to this round must battle ALL 5 of the other users on that SAME table before the deadline.
  • Just like Round 1, a win will grant you 4 points and a loss will grant you 1 point. There will not be any draws this round, meaning if a draw occurs, you must re-do the battle with different teams. If there's any controversy behind the draw, then you must notidy me (Eternal).
  • Only the top two players of each table will make it to Round 3.
  • This round and the future rounds of this tournament are strictly standard Gen 5 OU (Wifi).
  • Some new Battling Rules have been added to this round (please make sure you're aware of them before battling).

Battling Rules:
  • Uber Clause - All Ubers are prohibited from this tournament. This will include Blaziken. Meaning you can't have Blaziken in your team.
  • Brightpowder Clause - No Pokemon may hold the item "Brightpowder."
  • Drizzle + Swift Swim Clause - Your team cannot have the ability Drizzle and Swift Swim coexisting together.
  • Species Clause - You cannot use more than one of the same pokemon in your team.
  • Freeze Clause - You cannot freeze more than one pokemon.
  • OHKO Clause - Any moves that induce an instant KO like Horn Drill are banned.
  • Sleep Clause - You cannot put more than one of the opposing Pokemon to sleep.
  • Wi-Fi Battle - Must be on if the battle is in the Wifi tier.
  • Timer - Please turn on the timer function.
  • Dis/Allow Spectators - It is up to both you and your opponent whether to allow spectators or not. If one of you wish to not allow spectators, then Disallowing Spectators will take priority.
  • Save Battle Logs - Make sure to save all your battle logs. If there are any disputes between any battles, then these logs will come in handy.

Table A
mibuchiha [PO]
SkyNet [TU]
smartgamer [SER]
bartozio [TU]

Table B
Ciele [CAL]
Drigger [PO]
Big Beluga [SER]
lapras6666 [TU]
Pearl [PO]
Zephyr [TU]

Table C
T-Dogg [PO]
Eo [CAL]
wilson46 [TU]
PoignantLyrics [SER]
Cometk [SER]
JRJuggernaut [PO]

Table D
Jedgi [PO]
MikeDecIsHere [TU]
Izzy [CAL]
:wub:disc [SER]
dread45 [TU]
Jcpdragonx [PO]

Table E
Eternal [TU]
Ziah [PO]
BlueJello [PE2K]
Ducky [TU]
blobman94 [SER]
Mr. Whiscash [CAL]

Table F
olushol [MRL]
Luck>Skill [PO]
Heist [CAL]
dimes [TU]
Roy Mustang [PO]

Deadline: April 17, 2011

Pokemon Online:
FC: 3179-4142-7053