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Default Re: Pokemon Black and White Discussion

Originally Posted by The pokemaster View Post
Whimsicott is beast, I love Whimsicott. :) What do you run it with?
So far it's a Sub set:
Giga Drain
Leech Seed
Cotton Guard

I honestly walled a Golurk at 68 when my Whimsicott wasn't even at 40 yet. Prankster is the key element here, and Cotton Guard does physical wall wonders. I'm gonna try with other moves to see what works best, but so far, I like that set. I might replace Giga Drain with Hurricane to get rid of Grass Types I can't Seed.

Originally Posted by 3m0d0ll View Post
I found a shiny Petilil and traded it with that chic, giving me a shiny Cottonee... but I traded THAT for an Eevee in the GTS xD

If I'd known you wanted one... :P
I could of gotten you an Eevee of your choice with egg moves, nature and everything >_<
My heart just died.
Oh well, I'm sure someone will find a calm female one with Prankster that I can nickname...
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