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Default Re: Open battle: aeoneeveemoon vs. Buoyysel.

Hadda. Just hadda.

[Pichen] Pichu (M)
Ability: Static
Signature Move: You've Called Down the Thunder
Description: and this Pichu is not happy with you. Whenever he is especially T.O.'ed, Pichen can use his tail as a lightningrod to draw a huge thunderstorm near. He lifts his tail skyward, his cheeks crackle and glow, and clouds gather. Though he never uses this to directly hurt the foe, the summoned storm shoots lightning from the sky for 2-5 rounds, even after the rain has wandered off. The lightning bolts strike randomly, with a 55% chance, per every round, that the foe will be struck. These bolts do 5% damage per hit, and are unaffected by type, except Ground, of course. This move also makes it rain while it is in effect. Pichen cannot use this move again because of how much electricity he uses.
Type: Electric | Damage: 5% per strike | Accuracy: 55 | Classification: Special l Energy Cost: 9
Effects: It begins to rain, and this move can hit once every round.
Usage Gap: Once per battle.

Fake Out, then Thunderpunch. If he goes for Protect or Detect or whatever on your Thunderpunch action then I want you to use Double Team instead. Protect yourself against Ground Type moves on the second action.

Fake Out ~ Thunderpunch/Double Team/Protect
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