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Default NES2--Rattata--Water's Edge

Originally Posted by NES2 View Post
I have the ASB's version of AARP benefits and a free pass.

I'll be going on my adventure by the Water's Edge, with THE CHOSEN ONE.

Species: Rattata (Male)

Signature Move: TOP PERCENTAGE
Description: NES2's Rattata isn't any ordinary Rattata. He is literally in the top percentage of Rattata, the Pokemon that the Seven Sages foretold would defeat Arceus and ascend to the level of a deity, the Chosen One of Legend. NES2's Rattata can make this status known through a powerful aura it emits, instilling a great fear and awe in any Pokemon that beholds it's true nature. This move will paralyze the Pokemon who beholds it instantly, stunning the Pokemon who sees Rattata's True Power.
Type: ??? / Damage: 0 / Accuracy: 100 / Classification: Status Move / Cost 10
Effect: Causes paralysis.
Usage Gap: None (It's a glorified Thunder Wave really, why would this need one?)

Ability: Guts

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1- You see something wiggle in a clump of cattails and Rattata's ears perk up. Follow the noise?
2- Nah, that Pokemon is probably sleeping soundly; best not to disturb it.
3- Ew, it's all mushy and swampy here. Let's leave.

You have 30 Safari Points left.
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