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Default Master Zorua--Lucario--Urban Area

Originally Posted by Master Zorua View Post
The free pass of truth!

I, Mewcario Master Zorua, will be going into the Urban Area with my Lucario, Lilac

[Lilac] Lucario (Female)
Ability: Inner Focus
Special Ability: N/A
1- To your right, you hear a loud cough in a chimney and a puff of soot escapes from the opening. Climb onto the roof and look inside?

2- No, that Pokemon must be all dirty and covered in ash, let's keep walking.

3- Uhm, okay little houses and streets and cars and buildings remind me of that episode where Ash and everybody got stuck in Sabrina's doll-house and IT'S JUST A BIT TOO CREEPY, IMO. -runs away quickly-

You have 30 Safari Points left.
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