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Default Re: Make Your Own Gym(s)

gym:pokemon championship

gym theme:pokemon masters


pokemon master theresa

opening quote:i have trained long on my journey,now me and my wartortle will see if we have whate it takes!.

cleffable lvl 94

-me first
-double edge
-focus punch
-rock smash

dragonair lvl 96

-hyper beam
-dragon rage
-dragon tail

wartortle lvl 93

-hydro pump
-skull bash
-aqua tail

rapidash lvl 97

-flare blitz
-fire blast

whimsicott lvl 95

-cotton spore
-giga impact
-solar beam
-sunny day

defeat quote: at least we did good!

pokemon master ash

opening quote: now this is my chance to feel like a real pokemon master!!!!


infernape lvl 97

-focus punch
-blast burn

sceptile lvl 99

-leaf blade
-solar beam
-leaf storm

pikachu lvl 100

-quick attack

charizard lvl 98

-fire blast

snorlax lvl 94

-giga impact

defeating quote:aaawww.....

gym:pokemon leagues secret elite three

elite three:

sinnoh super champ griffin

opening quote:congratulations for making it to the elite three, I am the first of the trio. I have beaten Cynthia,,lance,and i'm here to take you down.i would like to see you try.

pokemon:shayvee (a mix with eevee and shymin)

-seed flare
-energy ball
-leaf tornado
-leaf storm

mewtwo lvl 100

-psyco cut
-focus blast

rayquaza lvl 100

-dragon pulse

lugia lvl 100

-sky attack

palkia lvl 100

-spacial rend
-focus blast

arceus lvl 100

-roar of time
-spacial rend
-shadow force

defeat quote:............... how did you do it?you got the stuff! i'm still the best. so take this. (griffin gives you pokemon mixer.mixes 2-3 pokemon key items)
(shaymins his 7th pokemon (out of battle)...) enjoy! wooooooooo!!!!