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Default Re: Move animation fail?

Originally Posted by Natolio View Post
Hey guys,

I recently started my black version so I could get my second Victini and to make my task a little easier I traded some mons from my White version. One of which was a Dratini which I had bred. I'll tell the details in bullet points it's easier:
  1. Caught a wild lvl 50 Dratini, which knew Dragon Rush and Dragon Tail plus 2 other moves
  2. Bred the Dratini with a lvl 63 Ditto
  3. Hatched the Egg (this was all done on White Version btw)
  4. The hatched Dratini also knew Dragon Rush and Dragon Tail
  5. I traded the bred Dratini onto Black
So, when I go to use either Dragon Tail or Dragon Rush, they both have exactly the same animation. Is this supposed to be like this? It just seems a little lazy...
I've noticed this too.
It does seem a bit lazy...or maybe they wanted to mess with our minds.
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