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> Admire the ocean view. This is probably the only calm moment you'll have for a long time.
Quietly, you shake your head and walk across the short stretch of land, looking over the ocean below you. There are Wingulls catapulting themselves all over the shores, and every so often a Wailmer will appear above the surface of the water. Everything looks so... normal. How long this will last, however, is beyond you, so you just sit down for a moment and let the sea breeze wash over your face.

Okay, that's enough lamenting. This ain't the Destiny Islands, for heaven's sake!
> Look around to see if you can find out where you are, but go quietly and try and keep out of sight.
> Look around the other buildings. Maybe there are others like you, or evidence as to this settlements purpose.
> No settlement could survive without food. Look for a storage room.
> Obtain a weapon. You may be half-Pokemon, but a gun beats a claw any day.
You decide to see if there is anything of value in those buildings over there. After all, aside from those Pokémon playing on the beach, you seem to be alone here. Slowly padding over to the other buildings, noting with some surprise that they don't look very appealing to live in. That must make them... warehouses! This prompts you to go much faster, though most of the doors are locked. You eventually find one that is open, and slip inside, using your epic night vision to determine the contents.

Unfortunately, there seem to be no food or weapons in here, and most of the warehouse is blocked off. But there are some very cool things. You notice a box of accessories on one side of the small area, and a rack of clothing on the other. You smirk and loot them both, seeking something that will either be helpful or badass. You notice a strange mechanical apparatus that seems to fit along your arm, and thinking that it probably is important, you put it on your arm.

Suddenly, a rift opens somewhere to your left, and you realize that this is a hammerspace rift. Cool. Now you don't have to carry everything around.

You also head to the other side of the room and rifle through the clothing items, looking for something either badass or helpful, preferably both. Your eyes fall upon a long leather coat with what appears to be thick metal shoulder plates. Thinking this will definitely be useful, you put on the coat, and somehow you feel much more badass.
-- Collar of Badassery
-- Probably Important Letter (Shredded)
-- Portable Hammerspace Rift
-- One-Winged Overcoat
Obtain Garments of Badassery (Garment #: 2)


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