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Default Re: Closed Battle: Nyurgh vs. SilverSlasher (3m0d0ll - Ref)

Round 4


[Duster] Rufflet
HP: 66%
Energy: 41%
Ability: Sheer Force
Moves: Crush Claw~Crush Claw
Airborne; Att +1; Acc +1; SpDef -1


[Batty] Woobat
HP: 60%
Energy: 44%
Ability: Unaware
Moves: Air Slash~Air Slash
Airborne; SpAtt +2; SpDef +2; Def -1

Being quite speedy, Batty once again had the first move. Flapping her wings together, a sphere began to mold itself in the center of her body. Air from her surroundings twisted and curved itself to the orb, making it grow larger and larger by the second. Then, without any warning, Batty glided her thin wings through the ball, now nearly the size of her. The orb exploded, sending small waves of concentrated air towards Duster, nearly rendering the small eagle unconscious.
Always having been a trooper, Duster got up almost instantly, shaking the dirt from his scruffy body. Flapping furiously, Duster shot into the sky, then came down with ferocious speed, claws glowing a stunning blue. Slashing Batty with his talons, she felt like it could've done more damage... Somehow it didn't feel as powerful as it did last time. Maybe her attacks were doing something against Dusty's attack power. She didn't know why, but she found herself slightly dropped her guard.

Determined to finish the match ASAP, Batty prepared another Air Slash, letting the orb shape itself. Then, once again, she sliced the ball. Ripples of wispy scythes cut through the air, slamming into Duster. This time, however, he couldn't get up. He laid in the damp grass, immobile and in shocked awe.

Round Over


[Duster] Rufflet
HP: 50%
Energy: 31%
Ability: Sheer Force
Airborne; Att +1; Acc +1; SpDef -1


[Batty] Woobat
HP: 52%
Energy: 24%
Ability: Unaware
Airborne; SpAtt +2; SpDef +2; Def -2

Batty's Speed (72) > Duster's Speed (60)
Batty: Health [Crush Claw, -8%] Energy [Air Slash, -10%]
Duster: Health [Air Slash, -8%] Energy [Crush Claw, -10%]
Air Slash: Acc [91, 89/1-95] Flinch [35, 15/1-30]
Crush Claw: Lowers Def [19/1-50]
Batty's Unaware makes Duster's Stat changes irrelevant.

~ SilverSlasher, your moves, please.
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