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Default Re: [WAR X] Discussion

Like I told Harry a few months earlier, I think it would be a cool idea if we go back to basics. Let anyone who wants to make a team make a team, and allow people to choose what team they want to be on with no limitations. No ceiling, no draft, none of that stuff, just join the team you want, do the best you can, and enjoy it. Teams may be uneven, but truthfully, it should be more about being on the team you want to be on, and which team appeals to you the most.

Aside from that, I can understand why some people may want to do something a little more special for War X though. Iím just not sure what, though. I tried to work with Paperfairy to create a Battleship-like game out of it, but I feel that got a little too complex for its own good.

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