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Default Re: Move animation fail?

There are plenty of moves that seemed to be a bit lazy. Flamethrower and Dig seem to be the worst in my opinion.

Flamethrower seems to be an irregular, broken up stream of fire, and Dig...GOD. It's painfully slow to dig into the ground, and the noise doesn't seem to really fit. And I hate how your guy pops up and then attacks >.< It's just too slow (which is why I replaced Dig on my Durant with Hone Claws, muhahaha).

If you think about it though, they had to create a lot of animations. So, like any company, they will take shortcuts. SEGA does it (the cry for several enemies is the same - namely Perfect Chaos, the Biolizard, and Devil Doom, for example), Nintendo just did it, Microsoft...It saves time and money.

As for your Hydreigon, try adding a Flying move to deal with pesky bugs and fighting types. Believe me, it will help because of all the Bug types in this game ^^