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Default Re: [WAR X] Discussion

Originally Posted by Tokyokit View Post
This may actually bring more people, as to my thoughts, and help pt Spriting into this. I mean, not many spriters these days seem like they would be in these WAR game things whatyamacallits unless this happened. I, for one, really wanted this to be possible when I was around for (I believe) WAR 7, 8, and 9. Or was the first one 8 and the other one nine >.<

Anyway, this is a quite good idea.
I'm not a big fan of the ceiling method, at least not anymore after I've seen what usually results from it. All I've seen it do is force people to join the teams they don't really want to join, or just decide not to take part at all. If I really wanted to join Team A, thought Team B was okay even though it wasn't my favorite, and really didn't want to join Team C, well, chances are good I would probably consider sitting/waiting it out if Team C was behind in members and was the only team open because Team A and B were full and hit the ceiling limit. To me, I feel that if Team C wants members, they've got to earn them by making their team appealing. If people don't want to join it, the bottom line is people don't want to join it and so the leader needs to wake up and think of something to make their team more presentable and appealing to fix the situation, not expect a welfare intake of members that really want to be in the WAR, but have to put up with being on a team they don't really care for. That's not fun at all, and all that happens is people end up leaving Team C or refuse to participate and the whole system ends up ruined anyway.

Drafting works in some ways, not so much in others. I think the novelty of the draft is the fun mystery in finding out what team is going to get who, but when its all done, it sometimes has mixed effects and that mystery novelty is seemingly short-lived. And again, you'll have people ending up on teams they just don't really care for with people they may not associate with as well as other members.

So that's why I say back to basics. If you want a strong team, earn your members, and make your team appealing to as many people as possible by finding that niche to focus on and really hitting home with it. And if you want to be a member, then you should have the right and freedom to choose the team you want to be on because you like the idea of it and you feel it will be the most fun for you. And yes, teams will be uneven, but that will be because the team that knows how to market and present itself the best, knows how to get members to use teamwork and be active, and is a team that people find appealing and fun to be a part of honestly deserves to win. And if that "Team C" can't get members because only a few people besides the leader like the idea, there's probably a good reason for it, and maybe that leader should reconsider what they've made.

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