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Default Re: OPEN Battle: Eishiba VS. MuddyMudkip

MuddyMudkip nodded with a determined expression and pulled out a Pokeball. The red-and-white surface was shiny and smooth, and it felt almost alive in the Trainer’s hand. He could already sense the energy of life pulsing within the sphere. With a nod to himself, he tossed the Pokeball.

It split open with a burst of white light, then poured forth a beam of red. The beam quickly assumed a shape: a short green creature with a large, serpentine head and a long tail with a fan of leaves at the end. Above its small, frail-looking arms was a tall yellow collar, curled in at the tips. The Snivy crossed its arms and watched Eishiba with its brown eyes narrowed in a sneer.

Eishiba considered for a moment, then pulled out a Pokeball and tossed it up high. This time when the Pokeball opened, the beam solidified into a squat creature with coarse beige fur. The fur was arranged all in spikes all over its body; the only things visible through the coating on its face were its puffy pink nose and its glaring red eyes. Its brown paws were curled into fists and its curled tail was held stiff with its anger. Happie the Mankey was not.

Aeon nodded. And now it began.

“All right,” called the referee. “Let’s do this!”


[-] Snivy (M)
Ability: Overgrow
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Status: Why so serious?
Leech Seed ~ Leaf Tornado/Giga Drain


[Happie] Mankey (M)
Ability: Anger Point
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Status: Ready to whoop some tail.
Screech ~ Ice Punch


Happie was fastest, and he so moved first.

His mouth – once hidden in the piles of fur on his body – opened, and from that mouth he produced a very loud shriek. Rippling yellow rings pulsed from his mouth, creating an extremely irritating sound wave that made Snivy cover his ear-holes and grit his teeth. His eyes narrowed down to slits, and he glared at Happie. There would be a reckoning for this, no matter what it cost Snivy.

That being said, Snivy – once the noise had faded – uncurled his arched spine and glared furiously at the smug-looking Happie. He curled his lips into a slow smile, then placed a hand on the ground. He closed his eyes and, out of the energy of the plants all around him, fashioned a tiny round, brown object that glistened in his palm: a seed.

With all his might, Snivy tossed the seed. Happie blinked and tried to leap out of the way, but entangling roots were already coming out of the seed. They clung to the Mankey’s fur and began to burrow in, tapping into Happie the way they would tap into ordinary ground. It itched and stung, but Happie couldn’t get the seed off no matter how much he scratched.

It was hard for him to put away the heat of his fury and think cold thoughts, but he managed. Happie began to call up thoughts of ice, snow, Santa; all things cold. He poured energy into his right arm, his trio of fingers curling into a fist. He raised his paw, frost forming on the fist. Snivy's eyes widened as the hand was raised and his foe rushed at him.

Snivy recalled his conditionals. He had time - just enough - to get the attack out if he moved quickly. He flipped his body, landing on his head and spinning like a break-dancer. His tail glowed, leaves showering from the fronds on the tip, moving in a gyration along with Snivy's body. Quickly Snivy flicked his tail, aiming the shower at Happie's hands in a corkscrew of green. Happie flinched as the little daggers managed to sting into his hand. By the time he got to Snivy and managed to make the blow connect, Snivy didn't flinch much. Happie fumed with anger - his attack had done little, and he could feel his energy going into Snivy. He would get revenge for this.



[-] Snivy (M)
Ability: Overgrow
Health: 100%
Energy: 79%
Status: You mad? (DEF -2)


[Happie] Mankey (M)
Ability: Anger Point
Health: 94%
Energy: 80%
Status: Furious. (SEEDED)


Snivy: (Screech: -2 DEF; Leech Seed: -10% Energy; Ice Punch: -6% HP; Leaf Tornado: -11% Energy; SEED +13% HP)
Happie: (Screech: -8% Energy; Leaf Tornado: -6% HP; Ice Punch: -12% Energy; SEED: -13% HP)
Screech’s Accuracy Roll was 34, with 1-85 hitting.
Leech Seed’s Accuracy Roll was 56, with 1-90 hitting.
Leaf Tornado's Accuracy Roll was 19, with 1-90 hitting.
Ice Punch's Crit Roll was 20, with 1-6.25 Criting.
Leaf Tornado's Crit Roll was 57, with 1-6.25 Critting.
Ice Punch's FRZ Roll was 79, with 1-10 FRZing.
Due to the Leaf Tornado being aimed at Happie's hands, the Accuracy lowering chance was negated, and Ice Punch and Leaf Tornado's damage were reduced by 1/3.

MuddyMudkip, your moves please.
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Thanks, Speed and Dino and also Speed! :D

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