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Default Re: [WAR X] Discussion

Well, I still want to scrap the Battleship idea, I was just posting that stuff because Lusankya was curious. It wouldn’t work if we’re going to go back to the basic mechanics again, which a lot of people seem to favor right now judging by the responses. Guess we could start by asking and answering questions. If we’re using the setup where anyone can make a team and any team can have as many members as it wants…

Can a team enter into the WAR late? – I say yes, but they still start off at zero points regardless of how far the WAR has progressed. Whether they think they can catch up or just want to have fun and don't really take their final score too seriously, hey, I don’t see a problem with that, just as long as they officially sign up like all the other teams did.

Does a team need to have a minimum number of members to join? – I say no, if people want to lone ranger the WAR for laughs or for a crazy challenge, I don’t really see a problem with it, but they still should have to have their own thread and officially sign up like a normal team. Who knows, someone might join the team later.

Can team members switch teams during the WAR? – I say yes… BUT the leader of the team they’re trying to join should really ask themselves if this person really found their previous team dissatisfying for legitimate reasons, or is simply just trying to join to be a freeloader and hop on the winning team’s bandwagon. Still, if team members are really dissatisfied with the way the team is being run, they should have the privilege to join a team that really wants to win and shows it’s still interested. As always, team leaders should always have the right to deny a member, especially ones that seem like freeloaders, constantly switch teams, and aren’t reliable people.

Should teams be able to merge during the War? – This I would have to say no, though if a team really doesn’t want to continue for whatever reasons, the team could be dissolved and disbanded, and the members would be free to join whatever team they like. Whatever points the team had are lost and don’t get carried over to another team regardless of what percentage of former members join which team. Also, it should be the leader that officially announces the team is gone. However, even if the leader goes inactive, people still have the ability to switch teams on their own accord.

Should judges be given points for judging? – I’m not totally decided about this, but I really think we need to decide and make it crystal clear whether they get them or not before the WAR starts. This was really quite a curveball when it was suddenly and unexpectedly decided it was so during the scoring of last year’s WAR, and it made the difference between who won and who lost.

What to do about judges that go inactive? – I’m not sure, but I know it happens at least once every year, and I personally know it’s a WAR Leader’s worst nightmare when people suddenly stop judging their section and don’t post a new theme for the next week without any forewarning (it’s like injecting poison into the WAR when inactivity chain reactions and grumbling start to happen). I definitely think some kind of safeguard needs to be put into place. Having “backup” judges that are free to judge any section if a judge hasn’t posted results and a new theme for the week seems like a good route to go (If its past Sunday and the section hasn’t been judged yet, it’s free for a backup judge’s picking, and no one can question that backup judge’s decisions if they seem legitimate). I think it would also be okay if a normal section judge could also be a “backup” judge at the same time (say I want to judge graphic art but also be a backup judge in case another section isn’t judged on time, I could do that option). As for normal judges, if you want to have the privilege to judge your own section and pick the themes without having a back up judge suddenly intervene, submit your results and a new theme on time. That’s easy and fair, right? :P

How long should the WAR be? – I think four weeks seems to be the perfect, magic number between keeping the WAR going on for a nice considerable duration, but doesn’t make it grow stale.

Who makes the WAR RP storyline? – The judge of the section. If they’re running it and judging it, they should have that opportunity and privilege. Every time I’ve seen people try to make the War RP storyline a joint effort in terms of its creation, it doesn’t work out that great. However, I think it might be a good idea for the person applying for the position of RP Judge to have to post a small, two paragraph summary of the plot they intend on using for the RP. That way, WAR leaders have a good idea of what exactly is going to be going on over there. If they really don’t like that person’s ideas for a plotline, they can decide on a different judge.

What should go into the judge application? – I always liked and thought it was a good idea for the person applying for a judge position to post some kind of plan as to how they’re going to handle the section, and what kinds of themes they’re going to use for each of the weeks the War would last. That way, WAR leaders know this person knows what they’re doing and as a grasp of how they plan on doing it, as opposed to John Doe who just wants to sign up for the novelty of it, and doesn’t really have a clue or care as to what they’re expected to do.

...boy I write a lot. XD

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