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Default Re: OPEN: Gmandiddy VS. MuddyMudkip


[-] Togepi (F)
HP: 100
Energy: 78
Status: Oh well. (Safeguard active for 3 more actions)
Yawn ~ Double-Edge/AncientPower


[-] Porygon (G)
HP: 75
Energy: 77
Status: Logical problem solved. Ready for further commands. (Airborne; +3 SATK)
Tri-Attack ~ Return


Porygon spun its wedge-shaped feet, analyzing its command. Its blank eyes slit shut as its mechanical mind began to bring up the energy that pulsed throughout its body. Its eyes opened again as a sphere of pulsing white energy formed on the tip of its ‘nose’. It gazed at Togepi coldly, locking onto the target with laser precision. It then shot a small surge of energy into the sphere’s center, making the orb separate into a three-pointed polygon linked by luminous white beams. The yellow, blue, and red-pointed pulse of energy swirled through the air right at Togepi, leaving trails of smoke, static, and frosty vapor.

Togepi yelped with fear and waddled quickly aside. However, she tripped on her own paws and feel facefirst on asphalt. As luck would have had it, the Tri-Attack zinged by over her head with millimeters to spare. Porygon blinked. How could such a precisely-delivered attack have missed? It gave the problem over to its secondary data receptacles; Togepi was getting up and she looked ready to attack.

Togepi smiled warmly at Porygon, then began to think tired thoughts. She thought of fluffy pillows, warm milk, and soft, comfy beds. Her eyes closed, and even she began to feel drowsy. She opened her small mouth and let out a loud yawn, which – highly illogically, in Porygon’s mind – formed itself into a sort of pink cloud. The cloud enveloped Porygon, making its processing units shutter.

It thought. It certainly could feel itself losing power... It managed to shake itself into focus. It couldn’t hold out forever, but it certainly could attack in the meantime.

Instead, it searched its memory banks for data on good times with its Trainer. It remembered praise, battles fought and won, Aprijuice and Poffins given, and just general messing about. Its Trainer had put a lot into it, and now Porygon would give back. It called forth energy into its outer armor and propelled itself forward at massive speed. Togepi shrieked in surprise as the energy-driven Porygon slammed its hard body into hers. Porygon cut the energy flow and withdrew, while Togepi had to take a few moments to recover; she got up stiffly, her body bruised.

She glared at Porygon with hateful little eyes. The stops were pulled out now. She lunged right at the boxy Virtual Pokemon; her body began to glow with a golden aura that trailed behind her. She no longer cared about her own safety; all she wanted was to hurt Porygon. She leaped into the air in front of him – causing him to stare up in puzzlement – and came slamming back down, crashing back into him with a violent force.

00111001011101001H DANG. For a second, Porygon’s thoughts were scrambled enough to have to revert back to binary code. Togepi fared little better; she felt limp and her body throbbed with a dull ache. Slowly she peeled herself off of Porygon and flopped on the ground nearby. Both of the battlers were panting and pained.



[-] Togepi (F)
HP: 83
Energy: 54
Status: Trying to recover some strength. (Safeguard active for 1 more action)


[-] Porygon (G)
HP: 66
Energy: 52
Status: Aching with pain. (+3 SATK, SLP next action)


Togepi: (Yawn: -10% Energy; Return: -8% HP; Double-Edge: -14% Energy, -5% HP)
Porygon: (Tri-Attack: -12% Energy; Return: -13% Energy; Double-Edge: -9% HP)
Tri-Attack’s Accuracy Roll was 86, with 1-80 hitting.
Crit Rolls for Return and Double-Edge were 46 and 90, with 1-6.25 Critting.

MuddyMudkip, your moves please.
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