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My freaking luck.

I, Like Arcemegus, encountered a Shiny Audino, rather early into my second Nuzlocke run on White, and captured it sucessfully...And this was quite early in the game, I didn't even get onto Route 3 yet...Just won the Trio Badge and cleaned up those Plasma Goons in the Dreamyard...However, considering that I already KO'ed the Purrloin on Route 2, and sucessfully captured another in the Dreamyard, that meant that the capture of the Shiny Audino, done on Route 2, was illegal. I had to nickname it Necros (It was evil to pop up like that), stash it in the Hospitol Box (Meaning it was immediatly considered a casualty), and had just lost the ability to capture any more Audino, all as part of the rules. That really sucked-No useable Audino for me.

But I still caught it. My first fifth-Gen Shiny, and My first legitly found and caught Shiny other than the Event Shinies and The Red Gyrados since Gen 3.
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